Pure Siesta Home DAB/FM Radio & CD Player with Bluetooth in Polar

Pure Siesta Home DAB/FM Radio & CD Player with Bluetooth in Polar Zoom / More Info

Versatile for the modern homeSiesta Home is suitable for placement in many areas of the modern home, due to its space-saving design, combine with a wide range of valuable features.

Siesta Home enables you to listen to all your favourite DAB+ and FM radio stations, play a CD from your personal collection or stream music via Bluetooth.Siesta Home also features 4 alarms, sleep timer, kitchen timer and backlit buttons for greater versatility.Tailored sound to suit youAll rooms in your home have different characteristics, which influence the way you listen to audio.

For example, in the kitchen there are normally many reflective surfaces which causes the audio to sound louder and harsher, whereas in a bedroom there are normally softer surfaces which absorb the sound and can make the audio deeper or muffled.Siesta Home now features SoundSpace EQ, which optimises your listening experience by choosing the room profile which best suits your environment.

SoundSpace EQ takes into account the room size, the reverberation time and the product placement relative to room boundaries, such as walls and floors, to provide a sound best suited to the environment it’s placed in.Siesta Home incorporates a 3” wide range speaker for full bodied sound, 2 side firing passive radiators to create deep powerful bass and a digital amplifier for enhanced natural audio reproduction.

With added bass and treble controls, you have full control over how you listen to music.User friendly interfaceSiesta Home’s CrystalVue+ auto-dimming display shows the time and station information in a large, clean and ultra-clear, edgeless format.

Combine this with dedicated backlit buttons for presets, alarms and more, it makes navigating Siesta Home hassle-free, in the darkest of room environments.Additional featuresSiesta Home’s features list keeps on growing.

2 USB charging ports allows for easing charging of your mobile device, without taking up any extra plugs, a headphone output allows for personal listening in complete comfort and the remote control allows for use of Siesta Home, from anywhere in the room.Switch on to digital radioHigh-detail digital quality sound, a wide range of stations and scrolling station information are just some of the features you receive when listening to DAB digital radio.

You won’t ever have to search for a station again as DAB radios automatically find all available stations in your area, which can easily be selected by name.

Our radios also still include FM for any stations that have not yet gone digital.Siesta Home is also Digital Tick approved so you can rest assured that you’re ready for any future FM to digital radio switchover.Designed and engineered in the UKLike all our products, Siesta Home was designed and engineered in the UK by expert engineering teams.

This not only ensures great sound and impressive build quality, but allows them to offer the reassurance of a three-year warranty as standard.


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