DAB Radio Alarm Clocks

Wake up with your favourite station.

With the emergence of DAB digital radio, you now have access to an enormous variety of radio stations no matter where you live. More and more new stations are being added as time goes by and all of your favourites like BBC Radio are all there waiting for you. With digital radio, the sound and reception quality is much better than normal analogue radio with no crackles or buzzing. If you are the owner of an iPod, many of the radios come with a buit in dock so that you can easily switch to listening to your own music.

Best Selling Radios

Pure Chronos CD Series II DAB/FM Radio, CD, Black
Pure Siesta Dab/Fm Alarm Radio (Black)
Pure Evoke Flow DAB Internet radio
Magic Box Magicbox Parabola DAB Radio
TANGO Portable Stereo DAB/FM Radio with Alarm Snoo
Pure Mini Series II DAB/FM Radio with 16 Presets -
Pure Portable DAB/FM Radio with Clock Sleep Timer
Pure Chronos CD Series II DAB/FM/CD Clock Radio VL
Pure Contour 100Di iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock with DAB/
Other Clock DAB FM Radio with Mood & Wake Up Light
Technika DCR1301 DAB Clock Radio
Sky Portable DAB/FM Radio with 20 Preset Stations
Pure Mini Series II DAB/FM Radio with 16 Presets -
Pure Outlet Twilight DAB/ FM Radio with Lamp
Pure One Mini SII DAB/FM Radio Black
Pure Outlet Evoke Flow DAB FM/WiFi Radio
EVOKE2S 2S Luxury Portable Stereo DAB & FM Radio i
Technika DR1302 Wooden Tower DAB Radio